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I-nori LAB studies children’s play.
With the motto of ‘play raises a child,’ I-nori LAB focuses on children and
all contents related to play, such as play space, technology, tools, etc.


Play contents R&D

We research and develop new play contents through our partnership with various artists and children’s specialized organizations/companies.

Play reporting system

We observe and record children’s play using 4th industrial revolution IoT technology. We provide a Play Report service that supports educational diagnosis.

Integrated solution

We provide a solution that integrates parent-child member DB and play history big data such as reservation, payment, play history management, marketing utilization, etc.

Character product development

We create and commercialize characters and stories that contain children’s emotions and stories.

Playground planning and design

We design a unique play environment that stimulates the imagination using various themes such as body playground, design playground, etc.

Children management service

Under the philosophy of ‘playgrounds where everything can be done,’ we provide on-site management operations based on a structural children operational manual that includes safety, cleanliness, and hygiene.


DDP Children’s Design Playground – Diki Diki

A new creative playground for children in this digital age


Play Makers Forum & Play Market

A platform in which experts of culture/arts/technology gather to share their great ideas and contents about play to children using play as a keyword
※ We await the participation of play makers from various fields!

Creative play goods

Play items created in partnership with experts in each field using a new perspective


We have partnered with EZPMP, a professional Mega MICE PM Group which has professionalism and
complexity through their expert experience and knowledge as shown in their expos, events, promotions, and overseas projects.


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